Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers


S.No. Innovation and Experimentation Class/Subject Learning Objectives initially envisaged Learning objective realized or not Name of the Innovator
1 Dramatization of spices have been done through hand-made T.L.M by the students IV/EVS 1. Recognition of spices.   Mrs. Geeta Bala
2 Different basket of original spices have been prepared and decorated at very low cost   2. Kinds of spices and their smell.    Mrs Kiran Mishra
3 Planting of Spices in the kitchen garden.   3. Their use in the Kitchen as well as for the medicine    Mrs Kiran Mishra
4 Puppet show was organized in class first to make the teaching interesting, Joyful, at very low cost. I/EVS Knowledge of different types of animals and their young ones Importance of pet and will animal take care for them Mr Pradeep Kumar Dubey